The Civil Rights Alliance is governed by its Vision, Mission, and Value Statements:


Our core mission is to advocate for the expansion of civil rights to all identities. We will accomplish this by fighting for systemic change from within electoral politics that has been neglected and abused from various sides of the political spectrum. By training and empowering marginalized communities, we will educate these communities on how to lobby those in power in order to influence legislation and outcomes of elections that will affect their lives and futures. We aim to engage disenfranchised communities to play a direct role in the electoral process starting at the local level up to the national level.


The members of the Civil Rights Alliance, as a non-partisan organization, work cohesively towards creating a just society by empowering diverse communities to stand up for their rights and advocate for social change. We seek to foster a society in which generations of people in Arizona and across the nation understand their power. This organization fights for the expansion of civil rights, protection of civil liberties, and the sanctity of human rights. We will strive to have marginalized communities represented in all levels of electoral politics regardless of citizenship or race.


We exist to advocate, educate, empower, and protect. The alliance will continually work to make Arizona and the nation liberated. Our efforts transcend borders and will educate peoples from all walks of life including –but not limited to– race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, immigration status, religion, class, and student status.

We believe that fighting for civil rights, civil liberties, and human rights are coexisting battles essential for working towards the vision of a just society.

Why do we exist?

We are an organization because we believe underserved communities have been lacking a voice and representation within the existing power structures. We want to invent new strategies for civic engagement within the electoral process that promotes the equity that all people deserve in all aspects of their lives and development. We will fight to give underserved communities a platform by educating them on how to write policy and lobby.